Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

The moment we've been anticipating has finally arrived. I stood in line at the polls with my mother and my brother, waiting for 7am to finally come. As I punched the circles on my ballot, I had a tingly sensation running thru my whole body. For the first time since this election began, I felt hope and possibility...maybe justice will prevail this time around. As I looked at the many faces standing with their children, friends and spouses I felt a sense of pride...this was history in the making. I felt my grandmother, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, JFK, Tupac looking down on me smiling. I know they didn't expect to see a Black Presidential Canidate in their time...hell I didn't expect to see one in my time and here we are. It was because of their blood, sweat and tears that made this day possible.
As I wait for my cousin to get off work early to vote, I'm continuing to keep my newfound faith in a system that has done us wrong so many times and my faith in God because he is the truth and light. Don't be disenfranchised...VOTE!!!!

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trosie said...

Body tired, hands dirty, stomach growling...I stood in line to vote. This time...my vote will count...This is different...my mind awake...a possible black president...This man is not only brown like me...but intelligent...and knows his shit...As i punched my ballot...chills ran down my arms...Change is near...Lets pray we dont get hoodwinked...
-Showing love...BF